Current Board Members

Your current board members are:

Dan Glover – President

Jessica Fischer – Vice-President

Jillian Amatt – Treasurer

Alane Wilson – Secretary

Debbie Joslin – Director

Ioni Wais – Director

Barbara Trottier – Director

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Townsite Brewing Growler Program!

Hello Skookies,

As the Skookum Board, we would like to publicly thank Townsite Brewing for their exceptional Growler Program, and for having Skookum on board as the September Recipients.

For those who don’t know, Townsite Brewing selects one Not-For-Profit group each month, to donate $1 for each Growler Refill that is purchased in that month. In September, 508 growlers were refilled, equaling $508 for our society!

Each Friday during the month, a “Growler Hour” was held, and we would also like to acknowledge and thank the Powell River Natural Soap Lady (Mischa Brooks-Thoma) and 32 Lakes Coffee, for lending us your items in our Growler Hour display.

Thank You Townsite Brewing! Thank You to everyone who drank beer! Thank You Powell River for just being Awesome!

On a side note, we are currently working on coordinating more member socials and some special learning opportunities for our Skookies. 2016 is going to be a GREAT year!

Happy Winter Gardening!

Kind Regards,

Your Skookum Board

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Help with the Fall afFAIR (Sept 19/20) + The 2015 Rancho Vignola Order is ON

Pete and admirers

Pete and admirers

September 19/20th is the weekend for the smaller version of the regular Fall Fair (renamed FALL afFAIR), up at the Farmer’s Market grounds.  While the hours will be shorter, we will still be there in full form with our Cider Press. This event is a chance for us to press apples to cider, show people how to do it, and raise funds for your cooperative.

If you volunteered last year, fear not!  We have your contact info and will be in touch soon.  If you would like to volunteer, and did not do so last year, please reply to Jill at funktifyd(at)gmail(dot)com

Many thanks to our Treasurer, Jill Amatt, for taking on the rather large job of wrangling the gear & volunteers needed to press cider at the Fall afFair this year, which is happening from 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM Saturday September 19 & Sunday September 20.

We still need a volunteer or two for the following times:

  • Saturday, 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM;
  • Saturday, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM;
  • Sunday, 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon; and
  • Sunday, 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM.

If you’re up for some fun, please go here and sign up:

If you’re not volunteering, come on by the press and get yourself a delicious cup or bottle of fresh apple cider.

We will also require the usual list of items that we have needed to borrow from members in the past.  If we have borrowed anything from you for this event in the past, please let me know what the item is, and if you are willing to lend it to us again.  We do have a list and contact info for this as well, so we may start hounding you down soon also!

We are looking forward to another successful weekend of Apple-y goodness!

Remember to refill your Townsite Growlers all Sept. long with $1 each going to Skookum!



Members’ deadline for submitting their Rancho Vignola orders is Friday September 25 by noon. You have until that time to get your order to us with payment either by cheque, direct deposit, or e-transfer. You can drop off a cheque at Kingfisher Used Books (4486 Marine Ave., under the bowling alley).

If you want to learn about the products on offer, check out As always, there are some new products this time around (organic pine nuts, reg. hemp seeds, organic apple rings, organic diced dried mangoes, organic sun-dried tomatoes, etc.)

Members, check your email for details!

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We need your apples + Support Skookum with Townsite Brewery in September


We will be running our usual Fall Cider Press Event this fall. This event is a chance for us to press apples to cider, show people how to do it, and to also raise some funds for your cooperative.

We need apples!
The success of this fundraiser depends on getting a good supply of apples for free. So if you or someone you know has excess apples, we will gladly take them and press them to cider. They do not need to be the most lovely apples, since if there is one thing that cider is good for, it’s getting rid of large quantities of non-beautiful apples!

We need storage!
If anyone has extra space in their garage, basement or shed, please let us know.  We are hoping to be able to stockpile at least 20 boxes of apples.

 If you have extra apples to donate, or if you want to volunteer to help out, please contact Jill  604-344-0017 or

Do you want to rent our cider press (members only), click here.

Click the logo to view their website

Click the logo to view their website

Townsite Brewing is donating $1 to Skookum all September long through their Growler Program, so drink responsibly and get your growlers filled to help fund the Skookum Gleaners project, all September long!

Find out more about the Gleaners Project here, and find out more about the Growler program here.

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We ate, we met, we celebrated

Jacqueline Huddleston, Designated Chef, explains the wonderful main courses she prepared. Mmm, mole poblano.

On Tuesday May 5, 2015, the members of Skookum Food Provisioners’ Cooperative got together for our Annual General Meeting. As we usually do, we celebrated with food and socializing before the business part of the evening. Former director Jacqueline Huddleston prepared a wonderful chicken mole poblano, vegan-friendly enchiladas, and a make-you-own-taco bar. As well, members of the board of directors prepared some sides and salads, so there was quite a spread of delicious Mexican-themed food to go with the date (Cinco de Mayo).

Our members and friends enjoying a Mexican feast before getting down to the business of the cooperative.

After eating and socializing, the Annual General Meeting took place, at which members heard about Skookum’s finances and a summary of activities during the past year. You can read all about what happened last year in the Report from the Directors (PDF).

After reviewing the activities of the past year, the membership present acclaimed four new directors to serve on the board alongside Dan Glover & Edward Sanderson.

Dolores de la Torre tells the crowd about the historical significance of Cinco de Mayo.

Jill Amatt, Deanna Parsley, Vanessa Sparrow, & Barbara Trottier all stepped forward, and since there weren’t more candidates than open positions on the board of directors, these four members were acclaimed and will henceforth be serving on the board.

Jill will take over as Treasurer; Deanna will serve as Secretary; Vanessa will work with Dan Glover on our year-round events calendar; and Barbara will be the board’s liaison to the Skookum Gleaners project.

Please join us in thanking outgoing directors Laura Berezan, Chris Matheson, David Parkinson, & Pete Tebbutt for their service; and in welcoming these four new directors.

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Come out for Skookum’s ‘Cinco de Mayo’ AGM on Tuesday May 5, 2015


It’s Skookum’s sixth Annual General Meeting and we’re making it one to remember. Mark your calendars now so you won’t forget!

tileTUESDAY, MAY 5 (cinco de mayo), at the United Church (Trinity Hall) at the corner of Michigan & Duncan, kitty-corner from Powell River City Hall.

Come straight from work and help set up if you like, or show up at 6:00 PM for food and socializing, with the AGM proper starting at 7:00 PM.

tile3It’s a Mexican fiesta this year, with complimentary (and muy rico) main courses provided by Skookum member Jacqueline Huddleston (tacos, mole poblano with cheese on the side, vegan enchiladas with cheese on the side, & flan) with side dishes provided by your Board of Directors.

We will have Tattler reusable canning lids (the last batch on offer) and they are on SALE, plus we’ll also have Powell River Dollars on hand to exchange for you.

tile2There are some big changes coming, what with a number of new directors coming on this time around, so please make an extra effort to come out to our AGM this year. Remember that a Skookum membership is a lifetime membership, so no need to renew it. Just bring your appetite and your ideas! We’ll feed you and regale you with news and updates on the past year’s activities, including a look at how our The Abundant Pantry project is progressing (deadline for the new order is coming up on May 10th), and more…“mi cooperativa es su cooperativa.”

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Skookum Members’ Autumn Social: Potluck on October 19 at Sycamore Commons

Members are invited to gather at the upcoming Skookum social on Sunday, October 19 from 4:00 – 6:00.

Held in conjunction with the Sycamore Commons Project, the social will be at:

Sycamore Commons Gardens
on the grounds of St. David and St. Paul Anglican church
6310 Sycamore Avenue, Townsite.

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Order Deadline Extended to Wed. Sept 24! –Skookum’s 2014 Rancho Vignola bulk order is ON!

Skookum’s 2014 Rancho Vignola bulk order is ON! It’s a great way to stock up on dried fruits and nuts for the whole year. And if you ask anyone who has participated in past orders, they’ll probably tell you how great the quality and freshness of these products are.

The advantage to you, as a Skookum member, is that you can order as much or as little as you want, without having to worry about the $500 minimum order. And we’ll be setting up a splits page, like the one we use for the Abundant Pantry orders, to help you split cases or bags with your fellow members.

Here are the basic facts:

  • Rancho Vignola makes their full product list available only once per year, when the nuts and fruit are at their freshest (they do a spring order too, but not everything is available);
  • The final deadline for our order to go in is Monday September 29;
  • The final deadline for members to get their order and payment in will be Wednesday, September 24 (extended from Monday September 22)
  • They will ship to us in November or thereabouts;
  • We need to make a minimum order of $500;
  • Shipping is free;
  • Skookum will be adding 11.11% to each member’s order, so that of each dollar spent, 5¢ goes to the coordinator and the other 5¢ to Skookum;
  • We will also try to benefit from the 2% discount by paying for the order by October 15, so we will be asking for prepayment.

What you should do as soon as you can:

  • Take a look at Rancho Vignola’s price list (emailed to you as a member; not a member of Skookum? Become one right now)
  • Browse though the product descriptions at
  • If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible at;
  • Otherwise, print out the attached price list, mark the products you wish to order, and calculate the total price. Don’t forget to add 11.11% at the very end (i.e., not for each item individually, but on the final total);
  • (If you prefer, you may simply email me with the list of products you want and a final tally. I’ll verify the total amount and get back to you);
  • Get the order form and payment (by cash, cheque, or e-transfer, cheques & e-transfers strongly preferred) to me in person or to Kingfisher Used Books at 4468 Marine Ave. in Powell River no later than 12:00 noon on Monday September 23. No money means no order! (E-transfer payments do not need to accompany your order, but must be transferred to Skookum’s account before Monday September 22.)

As we have done in past years, we will verify the final tally for each member’s order when we receive the goods. Some members will receive a refund in case the final amount comes in less than anticipated. Some members may end up owing a little more, although this is less likely if we’ve done our jobs correctly.

We will soon be arranging a splits page, as we do for The Abundant Pantry Bulk-Buying Club. For example, a member might want to order almonds but might not want the whole ten pound case (which has a better price than smaller units). If someone else wants to split that amount, then one of them can order it and then the two members can arrange to split it between them later. To be clear: WE WILL NOT MANAGE YOUR SPLITS. We cannot deal with one member paying for half a case and another member paying for the other half. It’s complicated enough without that. So all splits will be between members, with one member ordering and paying for the entire item to be split.

(We will not manage splits, but we will do my best to work with members to consolidate orders for better prices. We did some of this last year and it worked well; e.g., several members ordered five-pound bags of almonds, so we consolidated those into a 25-pound case and everyone saved a little money.)


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Gleaners gotta glean!

Skookum Gleaners is up and running for summer 2014. So far we’ve sent teams of pickers out to pick cherries three times, apples twice, and plums once. Here are a few photos from the recent pick of gorgeous yellow plums in Westview:

If you want more information about how to get involved, check out the Skookum Gleaners page on this website. You just need to become a member of this cooperative and get yourself signed up as a picker. So simple! The pickers get a share of the crop, as does the owner of the tree. Eventually we plan for a share to go to Skookum to get processed and sold to recover costs, but for now we’re donating that share to food pantries and other agencies in the region that serve people in need.

For more information, please get in touch with us.

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Get involved with Skookum Gleaners

To everyone in and around Powell River,


Take your pick! Pick your battles!

Skookum is getting the Skookum Gleaners project up and running again for the summer of 2014. The purpose of this project is to pick, preserve, and share as much fruit (and nuts) as we can manage, in order to reduce food waste & bear incidents, to help monitor the threat of spotted-wing drosophila, to spread skills and knowledge about fruit-tree care & food preservation, and to get together and have fun.

We’re happy to announce that the Anglican Church of St. David & St. Paul in Townsite, home of the Sycamore Commons permaculture project, has given us permission to install The Big Dehydrator in their kitchen and do some processing there. We plan to do a lot of dehydrating, as well as some workshops in canning, cider-pressing, making vinegar, and whatever else our members are interested in. This project is all about bringing people together, sharing the bounty, transferring skills, and many other good things.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. If you’re not a member of Skookum but would like to participate, please join (here’s how). It’s easy and affordable: only $20 to become a member, and that $20 actually buys you a share in our cooperative. We have no annual membership dues, and if you ever choose to withdraw from membership, we will refund your $20. What a deal!
  2. If you would like to be on the list of pickers and have opportunities to go out picking fruit, please fill out the form here.
  3. If you have fruit or nut trees (or berry bushes; but no blackberries, please!) that need picking, please fill out the form here.
  4. If you have skills you’d like to offer, please let us know. Maybe you’re a whiz at making fancy fruit leathers; maybe you know all there is to know about making plum wine… or apple butter… or pear brandy… we want to hear from you and so do your fellow members! Get in touch with us.
  5. In order to keep costs as low as possible, we’re on the lookout for some equipment to help us pick and process fruit. So if you have any (three-legged) orchard ladders in good condition, picking bags, garbage cans with lids, cutting boards, chopping/paring knives, aprons, etc., or anything else you are willing to loan or donate, please contact us.

You’ll be hearing more from us as the season progresses. But if you want to get involved, now is the time!

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