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Show us what you love to do & win film festival tickets!

As a cooperative, we want to know more about you: what your concerns are, what your skills and interests are, and what you feel you can do to help strengthen our cooperative and the larger community. We encourage each member … Continue reading

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Consider Cover Crops

Cover crops — also unglamorously called ‘green manure’ (although the technical definition is different) — are well-known to larger-scale gardeners and farmers, but also worth considering even for the home gardener. Cover crops are grasses (oats, wheat, clovers, buckwheat, barley, rye, … Continue reading

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We’re a-puttin’ on up!

‘Putting up’ is a colloquial term referring to the process of canning : preserving foods by packing them into glass jars and then heating the jars to kill the organisms that would create spoilage. But along with canning, other food preserving methods … Continue reading

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Skookum September! (A snapshot of what we’re up to)

It has been a pretty busy September for Skookum, and it’s not letting up. The BPA-free canning lid order is complete, and a dozen or so members have some of the tools we need to get canning! If anyone has … Continue reading

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From a small patch in Wildwood…

Cross-posted at SlowCoast. One of the main purposes for the Skookum Food Provisioners’ Cooperative is to get us thinking more about sharing solutions, as opposed to the current model, which often has us all off on our own trying to … Continue reading

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