Skookum Gleaners

The Skookum Gleaners project rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and makes sure that this food reaches those who need it. Skookum has managed this project since 2013,  since there are so many good reasons to pick as much local fruit as we can manage.

If you would like to sign up as a picker, please fill out the form here.

If you have fruit or nut trees or berries or grapes (or other plants) that you would like to have us come and pick, please fill out the form here.

What we do

Our main activity is putting together teams of volunteer pickers to save fruit (and sometimes nuts) from people’s trees, bushes, or vines. We share this harvest among the pickers, the tree-owners, and those in need in our region. The shared harvest supports regional food self-sufficiency by connecting those who have excess produce on their properties with those who have the time and energy to harvest it.

Skookum Gleaners shares the local bounty of fruit, nuts, and vegetables with community organizations who provide services to help alleviate poverty and hunger in our community. You can participate as a picker, as a food donor, or as a charity. For more information on how Skookum Gleaners works, check out our Skookum Gleaners FAQ page.

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