Skookum Bulk Seed Project

Buying seed together, locally.

This project is essentially a buying club for seeds that took place for the first time in Jan/Feb 2012, and promises to be a good recurring project for Skookum members only. This first year, we went local with a special deal from Powell River’s own Eternal Seed Company, with a substantial discount on larger orders of seeds from their catalogue.

The project’s first iteration¬†ended on Feb 14, 2012. Future plans may include a ‘starter’ bulk purchase, TBA. Interested in taking on this project or another project (can be an event like a movie screening, a gues speaker, a workshop, a lecture or class, a bulk buying project…) click here to make a proposal. Coordinators usually receive some remuneration, and the amount allocated to coordination must be indicated in your proposal, as well as where the funds will come from.


3 Responses to Skookum Bulk Seed Project

  1. Don Mitchinson says:

    Your link to eternal seeds is broken – I believe it is supposed to be singular ie.

  2. Thanks, Don. It’s fixed now.

  3. Denise Tremblay says:

    What does being the Manager of the bulk seed order entail? Just collecting orders by email, Compounding the order and placing the order with Eternal seeds? Let me know, I may be interested. Denise

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