Skookum Bulk Seed Project

Buying seed together, locally.

This project is essentially a buying club for seeds that took place for the first time in Jan/Feb 2012, and promises to be a good recurring project for Skookum members only. This first year, we went local with a special deal from Powell River’s own Eternal Seed Company, with a substantial discount on larger orders of seeds from their catalogue.

The project’s first iteration ended on Feb 14, 2012. Future plans may include a ‘starter’ bulk purchase, TBA. Interested in taking on this project or another project (can be an event like a movie screening, a gues speaker, a workshop, a lecture or class, a bulk buying project…) click here to make a proposal. Coordinators usually receive some remuneration, and the amount allocated to coordination must be indicated in your proposal, as well as where the funds will come from.


3 thoughts on “Skookum Bulk Seed Project”

  1. What does being the Manager of the bulk seed order entail? Just collecting orders by email, Compounding the order and placing the order with Eternal seeds? Let me know, I may be interested. Denise

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