Members Potluck Sat Mar 21

March 21, 5:30pm
Sycamore Commons (Townsite Anglican Church, basement)
6310 Sycamore Street

It’s (almost) springtime and we know that you are all busy as bees…

We hope you can buzz by, hive a bite to eat and join your colony of local-foodies to share a potluck meal, and some buzzing social time!

Queen Bee (and fellow Skookum member) Donna Moseanko will be doing a talk about bees and how gardeners can support them (we promise she won’t drone on).
Some information about native bees – like the mason bee – will bee available, as well as some fun and sensory bee-related activities for (but not limited to) kids!

We’ll have some membership forms for your friends/neighbours who want to meet others and build and maintain a healthy regional food system here in Powell River and qathet district.

Bring something delicious to share, hive some local ingredients and if you can, consider honey as an ingredient.  And if you are swarmed and unable to bring a potluck item to share, come anyway!

Everyone is welcome, your bee-utiful presence is enough.

AGM Results 2020

Here’s what happened at our most recent AGM on Feb 6, 2020.

26 people attended, including several guests and new members.

We did all the usual minutes of last AGM, treasurers report and directors report stuff.

Discussion was had regarding the separation of responsibilities between membership and the board. As mentioned in the directors’ report, the fact that the board is responsible for the administrative running of the organization was highlighted, leaving responsibility for projects to member teams. Discussion of the necessity for members to step up and take care of projects if the organization is to keep running smoothly. Current and former board members shared their experiences of the relatively light work load for board members as long as there is a full slate of seven board members and as long as members not on the board take care of running projects. General agreement among all attending that this is the most sustainable model for the organization.

The call for nominations for board members was made by Erin Innes. Existing board members remaining on the board are:

  • Kevin Wilson
  • Sheryl McCumsey (not attending)

The following people were nominated as new board members for either one or two years as indicated below. All were accepted by acclamation:

  • Adriana Virtue (2 years)
  • Tabatha Berggren (2 years)
  • Mike Gormley (2 years)
  • Alfred Bolster (1 year)
  • Brooke Oxley (1 year)

There was a discussion of the need to repair or replace the cider press and find a new place to keep it that is more centrally located than its current home with Alex McNaughton. Thanks and appreciation were expressed to Alex for hosting the press for the last two seasons and for updating the membership on its condition. The following members volunteered to assist Alex McNaughton with repair or replacement of the press and finding a new location/hosting member for it for the upcoming season:

  • Mike Gormley
  • Graham Cocksedge
  • Lynn McIntosh
  • John Wilkinson
  • Carla Gray

Gleaners Summer 2019

It’s gleaning time! If you have extra food that needs harvesting (anything except blackberries), please fill out the form here.

If you want to join the pickers list, please fill out this form. (Pickers are no longer required to be Skookum members, though of course we do encourage you to join the coop!)

Pumpkin Composting


The LETS Talk Trash team will be collecting pumpkins at the new compost drop off on November 2nd.  All pumpkins dropped off between 9 am and 5 pm on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd will be donated to a local farm for animal feed (no toothpicks, painted pumpkins or wax candles, please).

The NEW Community Composting Pilot Drop Off location at Town Centre Recycling Depot (located between Rona and the thrift stores) accepts rotting pumpkins and much more! Go to for more info. Open Mon – Sat 8:00 – 5:30.

Looking For Directors

As a result of 2 Board members recently stepping down, the Board would like to put out a call for new Board members. We typically meet monthly (probably not in December) and are working on a number of great initiatives with local food.  The term runs until April 2017 so it doesn’t have to be a long commitment.  If you are interested or have any questions about being on the Board please contact me (or any other Board member) by email.



Dan Glover dan.glover(at)
President – Skookum Food Provisioners’ Co-op Board

The End of an Era

The Abundant Pantry (TAP) bulk buying has one of Skookum’s popular services to members but it has been out of commission for over a year due to a software issue, primarily, and secondly, due to uncertainty about distribution. Sadly, despite a great deal of effort from all parties, we have been unable to restart this bulk-buying initiative.The Abundant Pantry Steering Committee and the Skookum Board have decided to shut down TAP as a Skookum service.

As work continues to turn Ecossentials into a local Co-op, it is conceivable that in the near future a similar program could be offered through an Ecossentials Co-op and members could again take advantage of bulk buying opportunities of quality organic food.

As some of our 320 current members purchased their memberships because of the existence of TAP, we want to remind members who wish to leave Skookum that this is possible at any time and you will receive your $20 membership fee back. The withdrawal form is on the Skookum web site on the “Become a member” page. A direct link to the PDF is here.

The TAP Steering Committee deserve a huge “Thank You!” for all their efforts and hard work over the years.

We hope you choose to remain a Skookum member as the future looks bright for local food initiatives in Powell River!

The Skookum Board

We Sold Lots of Cider!

We had great success at the Fall Fair this year! Skookum made over $900 selling freshly pressed apple cider, and we gained new 5 memberships over the weekend, and we continued to promote our Co-op to many interested individuals.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to our dedicated volunteers who helped in many ways. We could do this event without you!  Most of you were choppers, and we chopped and chopped and chopped until ALL of our apples were chopped at about 1:30 on Sunday!  At that point, we had about 40 jars of cider just sitting, waiting to be sold for the rest of the afternoon. We were able to pass along of all the mash (what is left after all the juice is pressed out) to local farmers to feed their various livestock.

THIS is really what Skookum is all about.  Taking excess food from the waste stream, and making good use of it!
As we approach 350 members, we are really starting to make an impact in the community.  Please continue to tell your friends all about us, and encourage them to become members as well.  Together, we really CAN make a difference!

THANK YOU once again to all of you who contributed to such a successful weekend!

Jill Amatt, Treasurer

Skookum’s annual apple drive is now ON!


Our annual Fall Fair Cider Press is coming up and we are officially starting our Apple Drive.

Once per year we collect excess apples from the community, and press them into Apple Cider at the Fall Fair.  We then sell the Cider.  This is an important fundraiser for us, that helps to fund workshops and other Skookum related events that we put on year round.

We are looking for FRESHLY PICKED apples, as they need to last until the 17th/18th of September.  They don’t need to be pretty, Cider can be made from even the ugliest apples.

Phone the number above or send an email if you have apples ready for picking up.

Stay tuned, also, for a call out for volunteers to help us run our booth at the Fall Fair.

Thank you!