It’s a Skookum Summer

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Many thanks to Skookum members Lyn and Kathie for inviting us to their amazing home, and to Jacqueline for the equally stellar barbecued local fish, chicken and burgers. It was a great time and we look forward to more events such as this year-round. If you want to host a Skookum get-together, just let us know (

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Dehydrating Feast!

         Drying Foods Naturally

           Day 1                                                              Day 2

– Why dehydrate?                                         -How to wrapstore

– Using your dehydrator year round           -Divide portions

-Features of a good dehydrator                   -How dry is dry?

-Temperature, time & attention                  -What else can I dehydrate?

-Prep  work                                                    -Reconstituting

-Dry leather, fruit bars & spaghetti            -Tasting the fruit of our labor

-Marinate meatfish overnight             -Sharing more recipes

Fee: Skookum members $30
Non-members $45*

Payable to “Skookum Food Provisioner’s Cooperative”
Purchase at Kingfisher Used Books by
November 20th 2011

*(SFPC Lifetime memberships are $20: to apply, click here)