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See you at Seedy Saturday on March 8!

Hey there Skookies- Powell River’s ninth annual Seedy Saturday is coming up this Saturday (March 8, 2014). Please note the new earlier hours: doors open at 9:30 AM and the event goes until 2:30 PM.  Admission is $2 and the … Continue reading

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Skookum Co-op Week Event

We had around 50 people come out on a foggy night in Powell River BC’s Cranberry neighbourhood for our guest speaker Tom Shandel’s film screening and discussion. We were very lucky to have Tom’s experience and insights into the co-op/credit … Continue reading

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Cooperatives on the bean

This third instalment on cooperatives will take a more personal approach to the topic: namely, why I became a member way back when (3 years ago or so) and what my personal motivations are in seeing Skookum develop and increasingly … Continue reading

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A Cooperative Primer

Time for a primer on cooperatives, because apart from knowing you’re a valued member of Skookum and that you gain value from our cooperative, it’s important to know what we are creating together. This little review includes the different types … Continue reading

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Survey Results

Top 5 Interests indicated by our members from our Skookum Members’ Skills Survey held in late 2012/early 2013 5. (TIE!) Seed-Saving and Cider/Wine-Making 4. (TIE!) Bulk Food Buying and Public Outreach + Facilitation 3. Food Preparation (cooking/baking) 2. Food Preserving … Continue reading

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Thank you. And here are the winners…

Thank you members, for taking the quick-n-easy Skookum Members’ Skills survey by the deadline of February 14th! The Survey has since been Re-opened, and we’d like the rest of the membership to also consider filling it out too (click here), … Continue reading

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Food Issues at the Powell River 2013 Film Festival

Many thanks to you who helped make our winter get-together potluck happen last Wednesday, especially chef Jacqueline Huddleston. It sounded like a smashing good time to those of us who were too under-the-weather to attend. Well, that’s winter for ya. … Continue reading

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Consider Cover Crops

Cover crops — also unglamorously called ‘green manure’ (although the technical definition is different) — are well-known to larger-scale gardeners and farmers, but also worth considering even for the home gardener. Cover crops are grasses (oats, wheat, clovers, buckwheat, barley, rye, … Continue reading

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Catching (and Wrapping) Up

It’s been a very busy Fall for Skookum so far this year; and as we head into 2013 it’s ‘whiplash time’ as we look back to see what we accomplished, and forward on how we can do more and better. … Continue reading

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The What, Where and Why of Dry

As you may have noticed in our recent Facebook posts, Skookum members are drying up a storm this year, preserving the local (and local-ish) harvest of peaches, plums, squash, tomatoes, peppers, apples, pears, berries and more. A crack team of 6 … Continue reading

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