Skookum Summer Sunday Social: BBQ Potluck on June 30 starting at 12 noon

Thomas Cole’s “The Picnic”, 1846.

It’s official! The next Skookum social is an outdoor picnic at member Lyn Adamson’s “Salty Dog” property just north of town (on the way to Lund) on Sunday June 30 starting at 12 noon!

Lyn suggests a BBQ potluck on the beach, a swim or a kayak paddle if anybody wants to.

This is a members-only event (but members’ families are more than welcome) and we ask you to kindly RSVP to event organizer Jacqueline Huddleston via email at as it will make planning a bit easier. Bring something to nibble on/BBQ and to share if you can, plus a lawn chair and a beach chair, a towel and bathing suit if you want to take a dip or kayak out.

Plus you can shop for cover crop seeds and Tattler Canning Lids.

It is all set to be a beach BBQ, here is some inspiration: Jacqueline is planning on making grilled local lamb with chimichurri or perhaps maple glazed salmon (if she can’t find local meat) or both!

Due to the public nature of this blog, the full address and directions to the north of town location will be sent via email to members, plus we will add our own markers to make this more obvious.

Hope to see you there (and remember to RSVP Jacqueline, please). This could be a great time to connect with fellow cooperative members and to enjoy a picnic in a waterfront park setting, and this will run rain or shine! It’s going to be a “zero waste event” .
So besides the towel and beach chair please bring your own dishes, cutlery and glassware (there’s a sink to wash up so you won’t have to take them home dirty).
Hope to see you there, it’s going to be fun and delicious!

Let us know (email if you would like to purchase any cover crop seeds or Tattler lids, as these can be made available to you at this event or by special appointment.
Find out what we have on offer for pick-up at the event
547 Peas 4010 and Oats 50/50 Mix Organic ($3 for a half-pound bag; very few available)

Best green manure for spring seeding. Very effective Nitrogen and biomass builder. 4010 peas are the best leafy forage peas for plowdown, producing over 40″ of green mass in 10 weeks. Oats will utilize available nitrogen, building soil structure, suppress weeds and provide quick growth while the peas fix nitrogen for following crop. Well suited for late summer/ fall seedlings as well. It is best practice to allow three weeks before seeding following crops. Mow down and work into soil at flowering. Seeding Rate: 2-3lb per 1000 sq. ft, 80-100lbs/acre drilled, 100-120lbs/acre broadcast.

Aside from adding organic matter to the soil, cover crops have many other purposes:

  • They reduce soil loss from water erosion.
  • They maintain soil surface infiltration, so it does not compact.
  • Cover crops improve soil tilth (structure).
  • They scavenge nutrients that might otherwise leach from the field.
  • They feed and provide shelter for birds, wildlife, and beneficial insects.
  • They fix nitrogen in the soil.

We also are  selling Tattler lids at even lower prices! They’re about half the price you’d pay via (and 15% of the cost goes to support Skookum). We ask members to limit purchases to 100 lids ea. at this point, to allow more members to take advantage. We offer the lids on a per-order basis, until they run out; there is no planned bulk purchase in 2013/14.

We have:

  • 24-packs of regular lids + rubber rings .60 ea ($14.50); 50-packs ($30);
  • 24-pack wide mouth lids + rubber rings  .70 ea ($17.00); 50-packs ($35);
  • Individual extra rubber rings (wide and regular) .22 each in packs of 5  ($1.10 per pack).