Haiku Winners Announced!

Haiku winner gift basket
The Skookum basket! Thanks to the cooperative members who donated parts of this amazing prize!

Another Fall Fair and 50-Mile eat Local Challenge period has gone by, already. Add to that, the end of another gardening season, as the tomatoes and whatnots waved ‘ciao-ciao’ this past weekend, as the weather turned blustery.

This year, Skookum’s contribution to the 50-Mile Challenge was the ’50-Mile Haiku’ contest. The two winners were announced on Sunday, September 26 at the Powell River Fall Fair.

Skookum’s own jury selected the five best entries plus one Jury Prize winner from the dozens of excellent and inspired haiku. Then, Skookum members and the public at large were asked to vote on the best of the five superb poems, using an online survey tool. The results showed that Tania Jalbert won the coveted People’s Choice Skookum Gift Basket (pictured above) full of goodies ranging from a bottle of local Plum wine, to local dried fruit, a gift certificate, locally-made soap, several food-related books, a hand-knitted scarf, teas, natural cosmetics, and a piece of art, mostly donated by Skookum Cooperative members (thank you!).

Here is Tania Jalbert’s great Haiku:

Purple stained faces

razor vines give forth sweet gifts

juicy berry bliss

-Tania Jalbert

Tania is currently in Barcelona, Spain but writes:

Tania Jalbert

“Wow. I sign on to my hotmail today and I am so pleased and tickled to see that I have won first prize in the 50 mile diet haiku contest. Thank you so much Powell River. I do miss you, as I am in Barcelona for an undetermined amount of time. Love from Spain. “-Tania Jalbert

The Grand Prix Spécial du Jury goes to Roberta Meehan for her fantastic Haiku. Roberta wins  a gift certificate from Kingfisher Used Books! Thanks to all participants whether you entered a Haiku, or donated a prize, or voted on the winner!

Deer eating apples

Stand erect on hindquarters

Cervidae evolves

-Roberta Meehan