Current Board Members

Our Current Board Members elected March 15, 2024 

image of skookum board members laughing and carrying farming tools
From right to left: Erica Govier, Jacqueline Huddleston, Chelsea Friesen, Julia Rose, Erin Lurkins, Amber Gould (Adriana Virtue pictured below)

Amber Gould – President
Bio: Amber is a dynamic creative and mystic in the matrix who centers the practice of Active Hope. Amber has a deep dedication to regenerative, practical, and responsive land-based lifeways that connect people together and create village dynamics. Genuine and present with a dedication to nurturing connections, Amber is a believer, beyond all reason, in the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, and that we all have a role to play in creating that world, one conscious, compassionate and audacious act at a time.

Jacqueline Huddleston – Secretary
Bio: A founding member of Skookum, Jacqueline served on the board for 2 years in the early days of the co-op. For the last 5 years she has been busy forming and developing Hearthstone Village, a local cohousing cooperative where she lives. Now with her house built and their membership growing, she once again has time to volunteer for Skookum. With a background in food processing and small animal husbandry she has hosted many workshops, socials and work parties.  Her passion and enthusiasm lies in membership engagement, and she plans on organizing events where members of Skookum can share and continue to grow their knowledge of healthy food systems.

Adriana Virtue – Director at Large + Gleaner and Cider Press Lead
Adriana is passionate about fostering vibrant, healthy community programs through empowerment and education.

Chelsea Friesen – Director at Large

Erin Lurkins – Director at Large
Bio: Erin started farming during lockdown, with her mother in law, who’s been farming for 45 years. She went to farm school last year and feels very lucky to keep learning from all the people who are willing to share their knowledge. She’s passionate about regenerative agriculture and making sure that we have the ability to feed ourselves as a community.

Erica Govier – Director at Large
Bio: Erica is a local market gardener and she enjoys working with local farmers. She would like to focus on inter generational learning with Skookum and is also passionate about teaching and learning food production skills.

Julia Rose – Director at Large