Directors’ Code of Conduct and Ethics

All directors are required to read and sign the Code of Conduct and Ethics, either on a printed copy or using this web form (please read to the bottom, and fill out the form).

5. Code of Conduct and Ethics
5.1 A board member’s relationship to Skookum is fiduciary in nature. As such, board members are obligated to:

  • 5.1.1. act in the best interest of Skookum;
  • 5.1.2. represent the interests of all the members and not just special interests;
  • 5.1.3. avoid profiting from their position as a board member or putting themselves in a position of personal gain;
  • 5.1.4. understand that they do not have individual authority except as members of the whole board;
  • 5.1.5. respect confidentiality;
  • 5.1.6. approach all decisions and issues with an open mind;
  • 5.1.7. conduct themselves in a professional manner which fosters confidence and reflects positively on Skookum; and
  • 5.1.8. respect and support the decisions of the Board.

5.2 A board member is to avoid conflicts of interest as defined by sections 86 & 87 of the Act. For greater clarity:

  • 5.2.1. Board members should not act, or continue to act in a matter where there is, or is likely to be, a conflict of interest.
  • 5.2.2. A conflicting interest is one which would be likely to affect adversely the board member’s judgement on behalf of, or loyalty to Skookum, or which the board might be prompted to prefer to his personal interests or another’s interests.
  • 5.2.3. Any Board member who has a material interest in a contract of Skookum must declare their conflict of interest either in writing prior to the meeting or at the meeting where the contract is being discussed. This declared conflict of interest must be recorded in the minutes or records of Skookum.
  • 5.2.4. There is no conflict of interest where board members are setting the remuneration of board members or other members who will receive remuneration for their work, as long as it is the same for all members.

5.3. All board members will sign the Code of Conflict and Ethics confirming that they will act accordingly.

I hereby declare that I have read the above Directors’ Code of Conduct and Ethics  and agree to abide by it.