Our projects

We envision Skookum as an incubator of interesting projects which all help our members and others become more self-reliant in food production, processing, and preservation. The directors are always on the lookout for new projects to bring our members together to share tools, resources, skills, knowledge, time, and/or labour.

You can read about our past projects here.

If you have a good idea for a project you’d like to work on with other people, let us know. Here are some of the possible projects that our members have suggested so far:

  • bulk buying of mushroom spores and a work party to inoculate logs with spores for small-scale mushroom growing;
  • a community bookshelf of resources on food production, etc.
  • a lending library of tools;
  • a project to build sell sub-irrigated containers for growing tomatoes and other plants in small spaces;
  • bulk ordering of fruit trees, especially less common varieties;
  • bulk orders of local meat;
  • annual bulk order of seeds, especially heirloom varieties worth saving;
  • joint ownership of dehydrators, solar and otherwise;
  • community composting;
  • bulk purchase of hay;
  • bulk purchase of fertilizers and other amendments;
  • broadleaf maple syrup.
dehydrators, solar otherwise;
• members’ loans of equipment to the cooperative;
• guidelines for use of shared equipment;
• workshop on tool repair maintenance;
• community bookshelf; shared library of resources;
• community composting;
• pooling sharing labour in an equitable way;
• guidelines criteria for choosing projects;
• use of the members-only listserv;
• bulk purchase of hay fruit trees;
• concerns about impinging on local businesses;
• project to start mushroom logs;
• broadleaf maple syrup;
• connecting with local producers to buy in bulk from them support these businesses;
• older members of the community as a resource market for local food.