Past projects

In chronological order—with the most recent events at the top—are most of the projects or events Skookum has initiated or participated in. One of our major projects called The Abundant Pantry (TAP) Bulk Food Buying Club has been in operation since early 2012, and has run on a 2-month cycle since this time; it is not included below, but remains a fantastic reason to become a Skookum member!

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March 2015

  • Rancho Vignola special clearance nut/dried fruit/confectionery group order

February 2015

  • Skookum sponsors members for Urban Homesteading course

September 2014

  • Rancho Vignola bulk order of dried fruits & nuts
  • Powell River Fall Fair apple-cider pressing fundraiser

June to September 2014

  • Skookum revived and managed the Skookum Gleaners project, coordinating more than 20 picks of fruit and nuts and distributing much of the produce into the community

March, 2014

  • Skookum participated in Seedy Saturday on March 8, 2014

February, 2014

  • David Parkinson (Secretary) and Laura Berezan (Treasurer) presented two lunchtime talks on what Skookum is/does to First Credit Union on February 4, 2014.

October 2013 

  • Skookum and First Credit Union celebrated Co-op week 2013 (Oct 13-19) with a guest speaker/film screening/fundraiser for Skookum with film-maker/activist Tom Shandel on Oct 17, 2013 at Cranberry Seniors Centre  Click here for more information on the event

September 2013

  • Rancho Vignola Bulk Order for Dried Fruit/Nuts/Confectionery (largest yet!) with another round in January 2014.
  • Powell River Fall Fair Apple Cider Pressing Fundraiser

June 2013

  • Skookum Summer Social at members Lyn Adamson and Kathie Mack’s home (June 30, 2013)

May 2013

  • Tattler lid bulk purchase #3 (last for 2013-2014)
  • Cover Crop seed bulk purchase
  • Fruit Tree Bulk purchase

March 2013

  • Rancho Vignola clearance bulk purchase
  • Tattler canning lid project 2013
  • Skookum at Seedy Saturday
  • Skookum Presents Cafe Justicia Event at the CRC

January 2013

  • Skookum members’ social at United Church Trinity Hall with food by Jacqueline Huddleston (Jan 23)

November 2012

  • Skookum helps the local Farm to School project press apples for James Thomson Elementary School for a second year.

October 2012

  • Second Rancho Vignola Fruit and Nut Bulk Order

September 2012

  • Skookum’s second Tattler lid bulk order
  • Bulk purchase of Sausage Maker dehydrators
  • Skookum was at the Fall Fair, pressing cider and raising funds

August 2012:

  • Bulk purchase of fruit/vegetables and dehydrating work party at the Community Resource Centre

June/July 2012:

  • Skookum held two home tanning workshops coordinated by Jacqueline Huddleston & Hana-Louise Braun

March 2012

  • Bulk seed order from Eternal Seeds

January 2012:

  • Skookum held a potluck members’ social event to celebrate 2012, the UN International Year of the Co-op. Read the story here.

December 2011:

  • Skookum helps the local Farm to School project press apples for James Thomson Elementary School! Read the full post here.

November 2011:

  • Skookum conducted a survey to determine member skills interests. This will be followed up at January 2012’s members’ social.  Read the survey here.

October 2011:

  • Skookum Partners up with The Urban Farmer to offer a local Permaculture course. Read the story here.
  • Jacqueline Huddleston led a dehydrating workshop in her home. Read the story here.

September 2011:

  • Skookum members held an apple press-off at the Powell River Fall Fair, 2011. Read the story here.
  • David Parkinson headed a members-only bulk nut/fruit order via Rancho Vignola. Read the story here.

Summer 2011:

  • Skookum ran the Skookum Gleaners project. Read the story here.

April-May, 2011:

  • Nola Poirier ran two very successful mushroom log workshops for members and the community. Read the story here.

February 2011:

  • Skookum brought Carol Murray up to Powell River to spread the word about cooperatives, what they can do, and how to get them going. Carol is the Director of Co-op Development at the BC Co-operative Association. Read the story here.

October 2010:

  • Co-Op week and celebratory BYOA (Bring Your Own Apples) ‘Press-Off’ apple cider event at the Winter Farmers’ Market at the Community Resource Centre (Oct. 16, 10:30-12:30). A Skookum community outreach and celebration of 2010 Co-op week.

September, 2010:

  • Tomato Canning Work Party: Nine Skookum members got together and purchased 200 lb of tomatoes, brought their jars and lids, and engaged in a group can-a-thon with direction and instruction from Will Langlands and Nicole Narbonne.
  • Skookum hosted the first ever 50-Mile Haiku contest with prizes coming from Skookum members to the haiku voted in as the best:

April to October 2010:

  • Experimental Oat Patch: We borrowed some land, bought some seeds, and grew some oats. Most of what we amassed will be used for seed next year.

July 2010:

  • Tatler BPA-free canning lid bulk purchase: Members got together and purchased about 1500 reusable BPA-free canning lids to help us can our produce. The bulk purchase reduced the cost; besides, the lids are not currently distributed in Canada. Donations went to the cider press fund.

June 2010:

  • We bought a Happy Valley apple cider press for use by our members and by the general public.

May 2010:

  • Salt Spring Island’s Apple Luscious Orchards Harry Burton’s “All About Apples” public presentation and workshop, to help us pay for Skookum’s apple cider press.

April 2010:

  • Skookum coordinated the bulk purchase of eight hand-cranked oil expellers, allowing purchasers to get a better price than if they ordered on their own.