Paying by e-transfer or direct transfer

If you need to pay Skookum for some goods or services, you can now pay via e-transfer.

It’s very simple: you simply need to go to your online banking site and find the place where you can send e-transfers. (You might need to contact your banking institution for information on how to do this.) The email address you’ll need to send to is You’ll be asked to enter a security question, and you will need to let our Treasurer (Edward Sanderson) know the answer to that question, so you should email the answer to the security question to Edward (also at

For more information, see this page.

Please note that your bank or credit union will add a service charge. This may vary; we know that First CU charges $1.50 for the transfer.

If you bank with First Credit Union, you can also go there and effect the transfer in person, by requesting that a transfer from your account to account #416032. There will be no fee if you do it this way.