Skookum Cider Press

NOTE: Cider press may not be available in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Skookum’s ‘American Harvest’ Cider Press

About Skookum’s American Harvester Double-Tub Cider Mill

The members of Skookum Food Provisioner’s Cooperative are the proud owners of this cider press. We purchased the press in the Spring of 2010 and paid it off completely in the winter of 2012.

Please consider giving us a donation by clicking on the “donate” button at top right of this page, or by sending in a cheque to our mailing address: 4468 Marine Ave., Powell River, BC V8A 2K2.

Please take good care of it so everyone can enjoy it!

We have included some important information forms required to use the press; please visit our three Cider Press pages:

If you think of something we don’t cover, please contact us

Download the three-page ‘Skookum Cider Press Rules’ (including the needed waiver) as a  printable Adobe Acrobat file here (61 kB).

Thank you!