Sign up as a donor of fruit, nuts, etc.

Thank you for volunteering to donate fruit to our Skookum Gleaners project! 

We can’t thank you enough for supporting this project by providing our pickers with an opportunity to pick fruit and a way for food to be salvaged and distributed in our community. Please note that our dedicated team of volunteer gleaners sign a waiver form that releases any fruit donors from liability while we are on your property gleaning.

Gleaner Donor Overview

  1. People with fruit, nuts or vegetables (henceforth ‘donors’) should be prepared to give us some details on what kind of produce they have to offer, when it will be ready to pick, other details like safety accessibility of the site, specifics on the trees, etc. Skookum Gleaners is not an emergency fruit/nut removal service, so please try to give us 2 or 3 days advance warning on getting to a pick. Remember that we’re all volunteers. We do not accept calls for picking blackberries, but everything else that is edible is fair game.
  2. Donors fill out the ‘Pick My Fruit’ donor form (preferred) or email us at  While we cannot absolutely assure donors that their fruit/nuts will be picked, we will do our best to coordinate a team of pickers. If no one has returned your call request within 36 hours, please let us know we’ll keep trying.
  3. All telephone calls from donors or people who want to pick are forwarded to our volunteer coordinator, therefore it’s often faster if you fill out the form or email us with any info, if possible.
  4. The volunteer coordinator will record the info given by the donor, including the name, address, phone number, email, and other relevant details. They will pass this information along to the many people who are on our email list, and letting them know that a pick is on offer.

Sign Up as a Gleaner Donor

To sign up as a donor, please fill out our “Pick My Fruit” request form by clicking the button below. When you hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form, we will receive your information by email and we will contact you to arrange teams of volunteers to go pick your fruit, berries, nuts, etc.

Please be sure to leave either a phone number or email address; we need to be able to contact you!

You may also email us to request a pick at the email This will be forwarded to our Gleaner Team Leader who will be in contact with you to gather more information.