AGM Results 2020

Here’s what happened at our most recent AGM on Feb 6, 2020.

26 people attended, including several guests and new members.

We did all the usual minutes of last AGM, treasurers report and directors report stuff.

Discussion was had regarding the separation of responsibilities between membership and the board. As mentioned in the directors’ report, the fact that the board is responsible for the administrative running of the organization was highlighted, leaving responsibility for projects to member teams. Discussion of the necessity for members to step up and take care of projects if the organization is to keep running smoothly. Current and former board members shared their experiences of the relatively light work load for board members as long as there is a full slate of seven board members and as long as members not on the board take care of running projects. General agreement among all attending that this is the most sustainable model for the organization.

The call for nominations for board members was made by Erin Innes. Existing board members remaining on the board are:

  • Kevin Wilson
  • Sheryl McCumsey (not attending)

The following people were nominated as new board members for either one or two years as indicated below. All were accepted by acclamation:

  • Adriana Virtue (2 years)
  • Tabatha Berggren (2 years)
  • Mike Gormley (2 years)
  • Alfred Bolster (1 year)
  • Brooke Oxley (1 year)

There was a discussion of the need to repair or replace the cider press and find a new place to keep it that is more centrally located than its current home with Alex McNaughton. Thanks and appreciation were expressed to Alex for hosting the press for the last two seasons and for updating the membership on its condition. The following members volunteered to assist Alex McNaughton with repair or replacement of the press and finding a new location/hosting member for it for the upcoming season:

  • Mike Gormley
  • Graham Cocksedge
  • Lynn McIntosh
  • John Wilkinson
  • Carla Gray